One Year Anniversary: Mutt’s Sauce Family Album

This year was just spectacular, family. We could barely capture all of our fond memories in one album, but we hope this does it justice.

Enjoy, and share with your friends!

Support your local small businesses… especially the ones who give you delicious food like Mutt’s Sauce. *wink*

2015..the Year of the Vlog

I’ve challenged myself to take this blog to the next level. To get inside my mind, one must see and feel the emotions behind these experiences.

I’m going to start vlogging. I must admit, though, I’m no high tech fancy vlogger. It may likely be on my couch or in my kitchen. I cannot confirm nor deny whether I’ll entertain hair and makeup. But I promise to give you deeper access to my brain.

To know me is to understand the vision for Mutt’s Sauce.  Feel free to ask questions, and perhaps I can address them in future vlog entries. Until then…